September 2013
Guest of the Month:


- My journey to this site started with a simple question to a Photography group: black-and-white or color? I was torturing myself, not sure which image looked better. I was tilting towards color, but my black–and-white bias was operating in full mode, and I just could not let it go. Advice poured in from fellow photographers. I thanked them all. Then, someone asked me: “So, what did you decide?” “Color!” I answered.
“Check it out here!” I said , indicating a website. ( She did and, to my surprise, a few minutes later came the invitation to participate in this site. Thank you so much, Kris, I feel privileged to be here.

I am new to the digital world. I shot film and, mostly, black-and –white. My “thing” was the dark room. I craved for that soothing effect that calibrating the enlarger and seeing an image developing on paper— as if by magic!—had on me. But Jurassic as I was, the need to evolve and to try a new medium was pressing. I took a leap of faith (of sorts) and I bought a digital camera: a point-and-shoot that was only recently upgraded to the Nikon D7000. Most of the pictures you are about to see were taken with the Nikon. Converted, I am currently considering my next step: a full-fledged FX format camera!

The pictures I selected for this site, all black -and -white, were taken in the US (Chicago, New York and DC), Spain (Burgos, Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela), Paris and Geneva, over the past 12 months. They are all about lines and shapes that surround us in our daily lives. Yet, most of the times, we are just too hurried to notice their silent presence, the grace of their beauty, the precision of their design and to realize how much they frame our lives, our moods and our perception of space. I hope you enjoy them! -
Ana Luiza Cortez